Comparative Education Society of Nepal (CESON), established in 2013, is a non-profit, non-governmental professional organization. It is dedicated to social transformation through research, learning and development.

CESON focuses comparative perspective in education and development aiming to contribute knowledge building and social transformation. It promotes knowledge sharing culture in national and international arena for sustainable society. The organization CESON activities include research and publication, program development and implementation, organizing seminars and conferences.

CESON stands as a forum of debate and discussion on issues of education, development and social transformation to contribute knowledge building process.is dedicated to understand educational issues, trends and policies through comparative and international perspectives. analysts, practitioners and students with expertise and interest in learning, education and development, early childhood development, technical and vocational education, social transformation, gender, ethnicity, language and socio-demographic status and so on.

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Comparative Education Perspective: Need and Direction
Prof.Mahesh Nath Parajul, PhD

Comparative perspective in the study of the society has long been there along with human civilization.  People developed this practice of comparing oneself and one’s context with other people, places and context and this has provided a strong reason for human advancement.  Comparing with others and knowing one’s situation – opportunities and constraints – provided a strong impetus for development and social change.[Read More..]

CESON Forum is the forum for all those who are interested to take part in discourses and contribute to knowledge building for enhancing the quality of the life of the people in Nepal and elsewhere in the world.  Towards this goal, we invite any piece of creative and original work (research outcome, reflection, idea, opinion, etc.) with comparative education perspective for publication in this forum.  We publish works that range from few hundred words to few thousand words (full length papers). Email  your paper: info@ceson.org.np


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