Relationship With CESA and WCCES

CESON has a very good relationship with both CESA and WCCES. Mahesh Nath Parajuli, a CESON representative, has been a board member of CESA since 2014 with a voting right. He participated in the 10 th and 11 th Biennial CESA conferences in Manila, the Philippines, in 2016 and in Siem Reap, Cambodia, in 2018. Given the very cordial relationship we could maintain with CESA, CESA Board, in its meeting in 2018, accepted the CESON request for organizing the 12 th CESA Biennial conference in Kathmandu in 2020 (discussed above).

Likewise, with the support from WCCES, the secretary of CESON, Dr. Prakash C. Bhattarai, participated in the 2nd WCCES Symposium, organized with the slogan of Immigrants and Comparative Education: Call to Re/Engagement in the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE), Geneva, Switzerland in 14-15 January 2019. Dr. Bhattarai presented a paper, “Labor migration in Nepal: voluntary or forced?” and it was later published as the chapter of the book “Immigrants and Comparative Education: Call to Re/Engagement” edited by Z. Gross and published by Brill.